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Series: Chair Incased in darkness

Series: Clouds over Verona

Series: Memory and Desire, stirring

Series: Curtain Memory

Series: Freuds Carpet

Series: Birch in the Evening

Series: Shape of my Heart

Series: Shape of my Heart

Series: Apple tree in the evening

Series: Drying Sheets

Series: Drying Sheets

Series: The Room at Night

Series: Subtle Sea

Series: Camouflage Sheets

Series: Subtle sea with Curve

Series: The secret Place

Series: The Path

Series: Messenger of the Forest

Series: Your shadow at evening rising to meet you no.1

Series: Waterlilies at night

Series: Subtle sea with Curve

Lerch tree no.1


Series: Pansies at Night

Rocking chair poem no.1

Series: Chair incased in Darkness no.

Sunset Gradation

Series: Breeding Tulips out of the dead land.

Black Sea

Series: Airplane at Dawn

Series: Romance Poem

Series: Burialmound 1

Series: Subtle Sea with Curve

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