Graphical prints on paper: 

The images will be produced as Giclee prints with archival ink on acid-free Fine Art paper. Size: 30cmx33cm. The Images are unframed, but signed and numbered in and limited edition. Prize: 2700 kr.


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Marble Surface




About my work:

Art makes visible- exploring boundaries


Graphic works:

The starting point for the compositions is always something concrete I have seen. The themes in the photo series mainly include landscape, but of course also culture. Many of the photos were taken on Hadeland where I grew up. I work to create direct and authentic expressions that represent inner feelings / what lies in our subconscious. The things that are close to me, geographically and emotionally, are the things I can photograph best.


In some series, I work out images in black and white, which means that a duality of rawness and sensitivity in the images materializes: You get straight to the essence of what you take the image of. You will not be distracted by the color. Color is a completely different way of thinking. 


work with the boundary between myth and reality where the peculiar fusion of sorrow, humility, alertness and drama plays out against a backdrop of gentle physical beauty.he interpretation of the images is not always given by the subject, but emerges in dialogue between the image and the viewer. The colors and their effect on each other are often also important, and I often work with a study of the borderland between the figurative and the non-figurative.


Recently, I have integrated the Chiaroscura / clair-obscur technique into some of my series, which emphasize the contrast between light and dark. It is very important for my expression to work in series. The pictures are in dialogue with each other, and complement each other.The graphic is made as Giclee print with permanent ink on acid-free Fine Art printing paper. They are signed and numbered in a limited edition.



Tonje Røseth